Smart Glass Film

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Available Sizes:

1200mm*50000mm (4ft*164ft)

1500mm*50000mm (5ft*164ft)

1800mm*50000mm (6ft*164ft)

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Product Description:

Smart Glass Film is also known as Switchable (Privacy) Glass Film. It provides instant switchable privacy for an opaque, white coloured, laminated panel/film to become transparent with the application of electricity. Easy to install on glass or glass products.


Smart Glass Film is used for Glass Doors, Windows, Glass Partitions in Offices, Meeting Rooms, Monitoring Rooms, Hospitals, Operation Theatres, Apartments, Villas, Bathrooms, Shower Cubicles and all kinds of places which needs Day Light and Privacy.

It can be used for Commercial, Industrial and Residential purpose.


Thickness of the film is 0.38mm.

Easy to install/apply on Glass Surfaces.

It can block 90% of IR Rays and 98% of UV rays.

Anti-aging and Anti-fade quality.

Blocks Noise by 20% more than that of ordinary glass.