Safety Grills

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5 Years of Warranty.

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About Product:

Safety Grills are also known as Invisible Grills. An alternative for traditional MS Grills which can be fixed or implemented for Balconies and Windows. Comes with Alarm support system. Maintenance free, does not catch dust and rust. It does not spoil interior design or exterior elevation of the building. It does not block your wonderful view as it is invisible from 15 steps away.

If someone runs and collides, they will not get hurt as it is made of Stainless Steel that are Nylon coated.


Safety Grills are commonly used in high-rise buildings, Condominiums, Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Apartments and Villas.


Made using 316 Grade stainless steel (Marine Grade) dipped into melted Nylon, compressed with nano technology.

2mm in diameter, capable of tensile impact up to 400 KG and does not put weight on the structure of the building.

It compiles with Fire safety norms during the evacuation process, unlike traditional grills.

Built with incredible elasticity and high tension to provide optimum Safety and Sturdiness.