Designer Tiles – DT1- 25mm

22.00 Per Sft
Ships in 24-48 hours

Inclusive of Taxes only.

Free delivery upon and above orders of 100 Sft, in and around Telangana.

Out of Telangana State delivery charges are extra applicable and can be paid by the customer at the time of delivery.

Dispatched within 48 hours of order confirmation, bulk orders may take time.

Available in Black, Grey and Red Colors.

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About Product:

These are also known as Outdoor Tiles. Due to the usage of variety of designer moulds during the production process, the aesthetic designs are possible. Whereas these designs are not possible in Natural or Ceramic tiles. These tiles are extensively used in number of countries as a specialized problem-solving technique for providing pavement in areas where conventional type of construction is less durable due to many operational and environmental constraints. Maintenance Free and Skid Resistant.


Landscaping, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Pavements, Parking Lots, Walking/Jogging, Running & Cycling areas, Balconies, Swimming Pool Decks


Materials used are Cement, Sand, Gravel/Chips, Hardness Material and Color Pigments.

These Tiles can withstand up to 20 M.T. of load, when the base motor is properly made and laid.

Possess an average Compressive Strength of 350 KGS/SQCM.

Best composition of concrete materials and maintaining 23mm thickness, gives more strength and durability to these tiles.

Available in Size – 1ft*1ft, slightly more for some designs.